Jambar Virtual Amazing Race
The Lost Treasure

Virtual Amazing Race

From Jambar Team Building, the no.1 corporate team building provider in Singapore. Now you can organize virtual team building events from any where in the world!


Can be played in 75 – 90 min

Platform used:

Zoom or Microsoft Teams

Group Size:

10 to 200 pax

How it works

Travel virtually to unique cities, experience the culture of many countries, and say yes to a great virtual adventure with Jambar Team Building’s Virtual Amazing Race Challenge.

Race with other players and be the first team to find the lost treasure by solving tricky and mind-boggling codes and puzzles. All the clues, challenges and instructions are all accessed virtually.

With a starting clue in hand, decode the place using your creativity and wit. Once you have figured out the location, you will be given a code to unlock the challenge with your team. All the players in the team will be actively interacting with each other to complete the challenges.

Hurry, the clock is ticking and the treasure is waiting for you! Dive into this immersive and exciting virtual amazing race challenge and experience a memorable event facilitated by our engaging Jambar Team.


Virtual Amazing Race with Jambar

At Jambar Team Building, we organise customised and innovative virtual team building activities for corporate and private clients. 

The team building activities and team development programmes that we design and offer are based on elements of fun and cooperation. These are some components to opening doors of positive and creative changes in any organisation. Your company can easily learn and practise how to work together more effectively by engaging us for a team building activity.

We have many ideas, games, and innovative event solutions. Whether you require a full day’s team building activity, a half-day excursion, or simply just a couple of hours of fun, we offer a wide range of plans and activities to meet your requirements. Send us your brief and we will provide you with the best team building solutions.

Jambar’s exclusive team building activities have been designed & developed by our in house team with a core focus on elevating your virtual experience. All the activities have a duration of 60min to 2hrs. No matter which activity you select, you are guaranteed to have fun and takeaway a pleasant experience at the end.

Why Jambar

Top 100 companies like Google trust us with their employees virtual team building activities.

Over 8 Years of Corporate Team Building Experience

Our corporate team building programs have proven to boost efficiency and produce positive results enabling to march towards the success path. Virtual Corporate Team Building requires a special focus on how the objective is delivered, we specialise in customising your events to incorporate your objectives and deliver them successfully to your team.

Shopee Virtual Team Building

Successfully Organised Over 300 Virtual Events

In the last 9 months, we have organized over 300 virtual events. We know how to keep your staff engaged while in front of a computer because we have done it some many times before. We at Jambar believe that virtual team building and team bonding activities are the modern solution to break the barriers in a remote environment.

Jambar Rating

Surpassing Client Expectations

Taken from over 1000 responses, participants gave us a rating of 9+ over three different metrics. We consistently beat the expectations of our clients: many were skeptical about the usefulness and effectiveness of Virtual Team Building however, after planning the activities with us, they all turn out to be very satisfied and positively surprised by how much fun they had.

Diverse & Solid Clientele

Trusted by Singapore as well as internationally, Jambar Team Building has a diverse clientele with companies from all the major industries such as Banking & Finance, Education, Government, Data & Software, Manufacturing, Medical, Media, Fashion, Tech, Travel, Oil & Gas, etc.

Virtual team building

Exclusive Virtual Team Building Ideas

Our In-house Creative Team generates team building ideas that caters to the virtual team bonding needs of modern world. We design our virtual team building activities with two key elements: Creativity and collaboration, along with incorporating fun and learning to achieve optimal team performance.

Client Testimonials

“A Job well-done, even in such tough times where we can’t hold the event F2F but your team got everyone of us engaged and we enjoyed it.”
19 Aug 2020
“I enjoyed the activities. It is a good way to connect with colleagues when you cant physically gather.”
SGX Logo
29 Jun 2020
“Amazing and interesting way to enjoy virtually. Thanks to the team that made it possible.”
Crimsonlogic Logo
23 Jun 2020
“Never done a virtual event before, completely mind-blown at how much fun it was. Great job!”
SwissRe Logo
17 Nov 2020

Excellent Reviews on Google

We were at first apprehensive on what to expect on a Virtual Team building event. It turns out really fun, well planned and coordinated. Never a dull moment with Jambar !!!
Karen Ng
Virtual team building organised by Jambar. Its fun. Games kept me engaged (mentally and physically like doing yoga pose) and no lag when using their website to play the games.
Gaby Ng
Love how everything was coordinated! Enjoyed it despite it being virtual!
Regina Santos
Very nice and professional facilitator and workshop. It was very engaging, spontaenous, and fun! Would love to have another one 😀
Steven Kester Yuwono

Check out our other Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Treasure Hunt

Virtual Treasure Hunt

Teams will assemble their crew and race against the other pirates in the most adventurous buccaneers’ expedition they have ever embarked in. Strategic planning, observation skills and creative thinking are essential to win this race.

Digital Escape the Room

Digital Escape the Room

Experience the thrill of outsmarting the Hacker with The White Hat: Digital Escape the Room. Your aim is to outsmart the hacker with your teammates by solving tricky puzzles & challenges that the Hacker has embedded into your systems.

Experience the best

Experience the B.E.S.T

Jambar Team Building offers a unique blend of multiple mini-activities we call B.E.S.T. Certainly suitable for diverse groups of people, these activities tickle the mind and engages the body, providing a holistic experience!

Mindfulness & meditation

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness & meditation can produce a 30% reduction in symptoms of stress and improve our ability to sustain attention and decrease distractions. Companies that have introduced these programs have already noticed a dramatic boost in productivity as a consequence of the improvement of their staff holistic health.

Together we paint

Together We Paint

Virtual painting has never been so fun and easy, all you need is your laptop and a good internet connection. A few days before the event, we will send you a premium art box with all you need to create your piece of art. On the day of the event, you’ll connect online with your teammates and our facilitator, open your art box and the magic will begin.

Visual thinking workshop

Visual Thinking Workshop

In this workshop you will learn a new resourceful tool to improve your communication skills, simplifying complicated concept abstract IDEAS. You will also have the chance to better know your teammates and connect with them. We won’t teach to draw beautifully, but we will show you how to build your own VISUAL VOCABULARY.

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