Employee retention has never been more important than now

Employee retention has never been more important than now

While Singapore is still in a lockdown phase, some companies in U.S & Europe are returning to the 9 to 5 work routine. As companies begin to go back the old norm, employees are rethinking their work, careers and priorities. A recent Bloomberg article reported that a ‘…great post-pandemic resignation boom is coming.’ While that may sound a bit dramatic, employees have been disgruntled working from home for the past 1 year. The uncertainty of the future enabled them to continue working in their previous jobs waiting for the right time to quit. This, if not dealt with in a proper manner could result in a huge employee turnover.

What can you do to retain your employees in the ‘…great resignation boom’?

A little bit of fun and bonding could go a long way into making your employees re-consider their options. Virtual team building activities could help in brining your unengaged teams together and strengthening the relationships between your employees.

Here are some of the most popular Virtual Team Building activities offered by Jambar.

Virtual Escape: Space Survival

In this game you are part of a special crew assigned to lead one of the most ambitious assignment in space on board Aurora, one of the most vanguard spaceship in the world. Aurora has been hit massively by unknown forces and numerous parts of the spaceships have been damaged.

Your teams need to pull together all their skillsets to repair the spaceship before the time runs out and make it back to Earth safely. Observation skills, creative thinking and efficient communication are essential skills to solve the different puzzles that entitles you to repair the spaceship.

Virtual Treasure Hunt: Redbeard’s Treasure

Pirate on island with treasure
Cartoon vector illustration

Set sail, plan your route and solve the many challenges that arise as you get closer to the lost booty. Teams will assemble their crew and race against the other pirates in the most adventurous buccaneers’ expedition they have ever embarked in.

Strategic planning, observation skills and creative thinking are essential skills to win this race. Teams will be given a map and invited to carefully plan their route, during their journey they will face several challenges that include mental, physical and collaborative activities. All the players in the team will be actively interacting with each other as they compete against the other crews to reach the lost loot first.

Experience The B.E.S.T

Keeping a high-energy momentum is the hallmark of a successful virtual team building. Unfortunately, there are plenty of online activities that are unable to sustain a great level of engagement for the participants, making it dull instead. Jambar offers a unique blend of multiple mini-activities we call B.E.S.T.

Certainly suitable for diverse groups of people, these activities tickle the mind and engages the body, providing a holistic experience. For an hour duration, our energetic and strong team from Jambar kickstarts with an exciting pre-frame and wraps up with a memorable debriefing.

Want something different other than Team Building, try a team workshop instead. Workshops can be truly rewarding in helping your teams learn new skills and enhance their thinking.

Visual Thinking

Visual Thinking is a proven technique of arranging ideas graphically. It’s a great way to convey complex or potentially confusing information in a fast and clear way. In this workshop you will learn a new resourceful tool to improve your communication skills, simplifying complicated concepts &  abstract ideas.

Jambar Visual Thinking Workshop
Jambar Visual Thinking Workshop

You will also have the chance to better know your teammates and better connect with them. We won’t teach to draw beautifully, but we will show you how to build your own Visual Vocabulary. We’ll start the workshop developing a series of simple yet incredibly remarkable drawings. From there, we’ll show you how to use your new visual vocabulary to solve problems creatively as a team, think strategically, present ideas clearly and collaborate & engage with your peers.

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