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Mega impact of bonding, productivity, and happiness

Imagine working in an office where you will just work all day, and at most have a needed lunch break. That will be all for your day in office. Sounds horrible right?

The corporate sector depends on how their employees work and contribute to the company’s objectives. No company can achieve their targets with employees who are stressed and burned out.

Companies should try to do everything to maintain employee productivity and overall wellbeing. Now, the question is what some of the steps are that could be taken by the companies for making the employees happier.

Team building activities for work and fun:

There are some exciting games and activities which are very popular for the fun as well as team building. When a company encourages the employees to play such games, they are likely to build some teamwork and cooperation among their employees.

A very common yet one of the most played games is the virtual amazing race. Amazing race is basically a game where there are teams who compete with each other to reach a certain goal or the end. The one who reaches it first wins. They do so by completing some challenges throughout their way. Now, this game is very ironically similar to what the corporate workplace is. In a corporate company, employees are given some leads and help to work on to reach the company’s goal. They always try to do better than the other departments or employees. This game will make them live the same experience with much more fun and healthy competitive feeling which will consequently lead to cooperation among the departments and employees.

One more game that is extremely fun and yet encouraging is the virtual treasure hunt where teams need to solve puzzles and complete challenges to find the lost treasure. This will make them interact with each other more and get to know one another from a different perspective. Such activities are extremely important to be performed timely as they change the hectic atmosphere also and make people be a little more friendly to each other. When a person has friends, he’s happy and hence he’ll produce more for the company’s goal.

Fun activities to relieve stress:

Companies should perform some activities that have no agenda other than to relieve their employees’ stress. A person who works for 5-6 long days a week expects that the company they are working for must do something for them at least once or twice a month to relieve all their stress and make them feel like home.

Some famous corporate team building activities Singapore that are also very fun to play and participate in are the Wild Goats challenge, Singapore Heritage Trail, Minute to Win It, etc. All these activities mentioned are those that require other skills than the skills required at a workplace or those that he doesn’t find time for. This will make the employees feel that the work is not the only thing that the company demands but they also care for their interests and hobbies.

These two categories are really important when it comes to employee’s happiness. All of these mentioned above and also the ones which are not are provided altogether by Jambar Team Building.

We will make your employees happier than ever and will keep in mind your agenda of cooperating with them and making them interact with each other as well. Come and experience the best in the industry with us.” – Jambar Team

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